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3 Day Digitizing Class – Nashville

3 DAY DIGITIZING CLASS, August 16th, 17th, and 18th, Nashville, $550
Call 760-250-4198
Limited Seating,
$550, or Pay $450 by June 30th

Nashville Live…BE there…Three full days of Classes where you will LEARN BALBOA’S SECRETS.

Limited seating, sign up early!  Great instruction, Practice as you Learn!  You will have all of Balboa’s Secrets and Balboa’s guidance.
Get a good foundation.  Master your 3 Basic Stitches. and you will master Digitizing:  Your Running Stitch, the most under-rated of all stitches because of its’ simplicity, however, the Running Stitch is the beginning of building a beautiful design. You will learn techniques that make this stitch Sing!  Your Satin Stitch, ever see a logo with beautiful satin stitches and wonder how they did it?  We will show you how.  Learn how to make narrow columns that hold up, and wide columns that will wear well. Learn how to make beautifully rounded letters or flat wide letters.  Learn how to add texture to the column and then how to minimize that texture. Learn how to create outlines that will never pull apart. Learn to make your Embroidery Glisten with color.!  Finally, Our Fill Stitch: Our most versatile stitch! Make that background sing with color. Have it line up perfectly with everything else. Your Fills will be a pleasure to run.  No rolling no cardboard No Problems! You will be able to take your Fill further than allowed.  You will learn to break the rules that are holding you back!.
Learn to Eliminate push-pull. Learn about Underlays and Small Letters. AND Learn ALL about Blending and Shading!  At the end of these classes, you will love Digitizing even more!  You will have the confidence of knowing that you can do anything that your customer asks. 

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