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Wilcom E4 is Here!

Buying Wilcom? We sell it here!

Why would you buy it from anyone but Balboa.  We USE it, we train on it, we support it.  You will get everything Wilcom offers and You will get Balboa’s Exceptional Support and Training as well!

         Updating? You will get all of the features, or Elements,  that you presently have, and you will get the really great new features in E4   Don’t have any of Wilcom’s Elements, now is the time to buy: Save $2600, and We will take you through the transition with videos that show you all of the new tools, as well as where to find your old favorites. Then when you are ready for Personal Training from Balboa, it will be only $100

         Considering the Purchase of Wilcom ?  for the first time?  Receive the same benefits as those Updating. You will have Wilcom’s support, and if you make your purchase through Balboa, you also will have Balboa’s.
Our Wilcom videos will take you through the transition and show where to find your old favorites in your new system and how to use the new tools
When you are ready, for personal training from Balboa it will be only $100.  This is a class that will take you at your own pace.

         Add to your Elements:  Check with us on the most Current Sales

         All Sale prices are good  through the month they are issued

Integrated with Corel X8, and also Corel 2017,  Wilcom E4 Designing contains all the features previously found in E3 … combined with New Updated features and NEW tools that allow you to Digitize your designs even more easily!  25 more Fonts, 6 are 3D!  Save your customer information with your design now!  Instantly generate the thread numbers from your favorite thread company! Catalog and find your designs on your desk top!  Easy to Learn… Wilcom E4 is a Show Stopper!

Add “Elements”  and Save…Check for monthly Sales

Learn what’s New!  Let us open our Video on “E4 Tour” for You!

For information on E4 Designing go to: https://learntodigitize.net/shop/wilcom-e4-designing/
For information on Elements go to: https://learntodigitize.net/shop/wilcom-elements/
For Information On E4 Decorating go to: https://learntodigitize.net/shop/wilcom-decorating/
For Lettering and Editing go to: https://learntodigitize.net/shop/wilcom-lettering-and-editing/

For Pricing and training Call: 760-200-0508 or 1-800-445-8705, Or email us at     balboainfo@aol.com  or lee@balboastitch.net


  1. Lee says:

    Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately Wilcom does not allow us to post prices anywhere on the Internet. I am emailing you privately with the pricing, and will be more than happy to answer any of your Questions either here or by private email.


  2. aholm70 says:

    I am looking into Wilcom for my employer and am wondering if you are able to send me some costs. I worked for a company that used Wilcom Embroidery Studio e1.5, is that available and what is the cost of that particular version.
    Please email me at aholm70@yahoo.com
    Thank you and have a great day!

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