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Training for Digitizing and Editing from the Best!
No matter how good your software is, training is needed.  Training that is done by an experienced Digitizer who understands the frustrations and the rewards of this “Art”.
Balboa’s approach to training gives you an understanding of what the stitches are doing in this artistic medium.  You will learn to program designs so that what you see on your screen is what you get when you stitch it out. You will learn the “Whys” of this art and you will find you can enjoy it.  The Classes are not Software Specific.  You will be able to use Balboa’s Techniques on any digitizing software, and you will be able to create anything in thread with confidence and ease!
Take a look at our list of our Video Classes, even the Video Bundles, see what is right for you today, come back when you are ready for the next class or group of classes, or build a reference Library with our Complete Learning Package.