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Digitizing Training

Featuring Classes in Digitizing Training for every level no matter what software you are using! Choose from Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Review as often as you like with easily accessible MP4 videos that can be viewed from almost any device. DVD copies are also available for those whose Internet is not as accessible, or those that wish to have a backup.
Learn to create beautiful Embroidery Designs and stunning Corporate Logos using Balboa Threadwork’s Secrets, their Award-Winning Techniques. Start with Digitizing Classes that utilize what you already know, then progress to the next Level Class or Classes. Ask Questions as you go. Get the answers you need from experts with more than 35 years of experience. Discuss your road blocks with others in our Question and Answer Sessions. With Balboa, you will find that learning is comfortable and complete. You will understand why you use a certain stitch, underlay, and density. You will learn how to avoid Push-Pull and get beautifully running embroidery with no thread breaks!
New to Digitizing, or just never got the help or Training? Learn from the Best. Here, You will get the help and training that you need. Learn the simplicity of the process and see that you can make it happen.
Check out our Designs to see what you will be taught to do. Watch them run to see how it is done!

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