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It’s time for the Best Software…
with the Best Training…
Balboa is the Only way to Go!…
Windows 11 is being released as we speak. You may not be ready for it, but you do need to make sure that when you update your computer, your business doesn’t suffer!
Wilcom’s latest software, e4.5.2, has been tested and is compatible!

Purchase now, install it on your current operating system and Don’t miss a beat when you switch to Windows 11.

Intuitive, and there for you in the “Covid” times when inventory is difficult to get…Send your sample “stitch out” by email.  Use a stock image of your garment from the program, (or scan one in,) and add a high res image of the digitized design and save on samples!

Included with every Wilcom Software purchase from Balboa at no extra cost:
Classes on How to Digitize and Edit with Ease…
2 Live Webinars each month.
Support from both Balboa and Wilcom!
That’s right…you still get everything you would get from Wilcom, but you get Balboa too…at the same price!
Right now Wilcom Software is on SALE
at “Christmas Prices”!
At About the cost of most other Updates)
Call or Email us, you will be surprised how reasonable Wilcom is, and how easy it is to make the change.

Embroidery Studio E4 is set up on a modular basis.  The basic system gives you everything other software companies promise.  When you are ready, you may add individual Elements to tailor the software for your individual business needs. Add what you only need now, and come back later when your business dictates it.  With Wilcom, you have option of, Basic E4 Designing, or E4 Designing with as many Elements as You need.


Your basic E4 Designing does everything that other software does, or says they will do, and more, and is integrated with Corel 21. so you gain a graphic program as well.  E4 Designing’s integration with Corel 21, allows you to move from a powerful graphic program to the powerful Digitizing program that Wilcom offers, and now you can use several of the Corel features on the Embroidery side of the program as well.  E4 Designing will do a great job on your corporate logos, both with the automatic process and the manual digitizing.  You will have 200 fonts, four of which are designed to be an eighth of an inch or less, and six that are for Puff Embroidery. Wilcom’s fonts have always been considered the best.  You will find that they may be used with no editing.  Designing contains a Full Monogramming package, and your basic Team Name Element that will allow you take care of Team, Group, and even Hospital, orders without having to retype the names and risk a mis-spell.  You also may bring in your DST, CND, PES  and other machine Formats, and modify them..  They will become completely flexible and you may change sizes, add new lettering for that new event, and edit the design to your hearts content, even though it was not created in Wilcom’s “Mother” language! E4 Design’s new features also include an internal data base that allows you to catalog and retrieve your designs, Ideal for keeping up with your customer’s needs, as they return.  also Ideal for saving those special parts of designs that can be used again in another job.The automatic digitizing is simple, and will give you the same results as the digitizers overseas produce.   You will scan a clean version of your customers logo into the Corel part of the Wilcom program, turn it to a vector image, then convert it to embroidery,  and in less than 10 minutes you have the logo ready for embroidery.  You will tell the software what fabric you are using, and while it calibrates the stitches, it will give you the correct underlays, pull comp, and densities for that fabric.  Because of the integrations with Corel X8, (This is not a Plug-in), your “automatic” design will look good and stitch well.  All of the automatic stitching can be edited.  Which means, that through editing the design, you may put your own signature on it. Add blends, layered fills, change stitch direction for affect, and lighten densities where needed. For many, using the Automatic features is a great start to an even greater design. Get the basics done perfectly through the automatic features, and then digitize the other parts manually.

E4 Designing has all the manual digitizing functions that you will need for your everyday work, and it is user friendly.  You will be able to create your stitches; the running stitch, the column or satin stitch, and the Fill or Tatami, easily, and when you move a mark or node the stitches will follow.  So you will see immediately what you have created and/or what edits you have made.  You will also have complete control of the length of your stitches, the density of your stitches, your underlays, and the patterns created in your fills.  Together with a little training, you will be able to be as creative as you like. 

Give us a call at Balboa, and we will open up our Wilcom Tour for you to view free of charge,
and see that you get a current Price List.
760-200-0508  or  1-800-445-8705 or email us at balboainfo@aol.com
I would love to help you get into this program.  It is by far the best.

On its own, E4 Designing will take care of all your Corporate and Creative needs.  With Wilcom’s Elements, or extra features, you will find that your work is even easier and the result even more satisfying.

The Elements that are now included in your E4 Designing are as follows: 

Auto Digitize Bitmaps Previously $499:  Convert bitmaps into quality vector images, AutoTrace turns it into a vector image, Use Point & Stitch to take the digital artwork into an embroidery file
Auto Shaping Previously$499:  Welding objects together, splitting them, and deleting overlaps
Freehand Previously $399: Works with a Wacom tablet, or alone allows freehand drawing with your basic stitches, Great for Red Work. Create embroidery the most comfortable way: like you’re drawing with pen & paper, Trace over line drawings or photographs, Produce a hand-drawn look to your design Used in conjunction with all stitch types.
Bling Previously $399: Allows you to create Rhinestone templates. Use any combination of stones, sizes and colors to light up your design. Edit each stone, Have full control of overlaps, Easy templates

Those Features that are considered “Advanced Features” that You may Add Ala Carte, and are listed below: 

1.  Offsets Advanced,  Instantly outlines objects and letters. Embolden logos, badges and other designs with distinctive, colorful borders
2.  Team Names Advanced:  Lets you personalize team and corporate logos quickly and efficiently, set up names for a team or business so that all are set to run exactly the same width, type style etc., and you take the names from the email that is sent rather than re-type them.
3.  Auto Arrangements:  Use Mirror-Merge to flip an object horizontally and vertically or mirror objects on an axis that you draw. Allows you repeat patterns, arrange them as decoratively as you like and see that the colors are separated to run at the appropriate time.
4.  Custom Splits:  Allows you to take a fill or satin stitch and “Stamp” an image into it. Add carving, embossing and other dimensional effects to your embroidery.
5.  Photo Flash:  Allows you to stitch a multicolor print, similar to a newspaper print.
6. Shading and Open Fills:  Allows you to use light destiny fills that graduate from full density to very light density and to program them as one continuous fill with no lines running under the fill. Add depth and dimension to your embroidery with powerful shadows, and shading.
7. Curved Fills:   Follow the contour of the animals body. Create unique, flowing stitch patterns that add motion and dimension to any closed object.
8. Motifs:  Allows you to create and repeat a design or object in your fills and runs.
9. NEW Spiral Fill  Allows you to have the fill follow the contour of the animal or object. Fill shapes with smooth spiral stitching effects.

Those Elements that are considered Specialty features are below.  These are not presently on Sale but may be purchased at any time. 

11. Alphabet Creator:   Allows you to create your own Alphabets.
12. Sequins: Allows you to set up single and double rows of sequins for production.
13. Chenille:    Allows you to program for Chenille.
14. Schiffle:  Allows you to program for the Schiffle machine and for lace.
The Wilcom Kiosk at $1499, is priced separately, and Allows you to create your own work station within your store for your customers.



CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 21 is included, and provides fully integrated vector and bitmap graphics software for multi-decoration, printing, cutting, engraving, and much more.



  1. Darrell Smith says:

    I didn’t know the digitizing learning package was only for a year.. so I would like to purchase the complete learning package for $150.00 ASAP try catch up to you later today. Thank you lee for a very pleasant and educational experience in digitizing so .. I’ve learned so much from the classes and yet I have so much to learn.. I look forward to learning more from your programs you are very thorough and have very fresh approach..🙏🏾❤️

    • Lee says:

      Thank you for your comments, I am pleased to hear that you “you have learned so much”! The videos in the package will not be taken from you, they are there perpetually for you to view and Learn. However, the new Webinars, and Question and Answer Sessions each month, along with real-time support when you have questions, is what will need to be renewed each year. Your cost to renew is just $100. Thank you again. Lee

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