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Creating Small Letters Videos

ALL About Lettering

We will start with our standard fonts that we receive with our software. All pre-done fonts are not equal. If you have digitizing or editing software that does not have great fonts, there are fixes.

You will Learn to correct the fonts that are not so good, or close up when made smaller, and save them back for future use.
You will learn what your stitches will do, when to use the running stich, when to use the fill and when to use the column stitch to create your letters.  You will learn to Build your own fonts, starting with Large letters, and going to smaller letters and then using the running stitch for the very small.

Last, you will learn what to do with your problem lettering to make it a pleasure to run

90 minutes of transforming the art in front of you to stitches.  At the end of this class you will have a better understanding of Lettering
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ll see how to take a conventional font from your keyboard and modify it to fit your customer’s special needs.

And we will look at problems with our Fonts.

Fonts will become easy to manage when you understand how they are built and you will find that you, too can create your own lettering for that special customer

For additional information try our thirty minute Video on small Lettering in our Quick steps to embroidery success.