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Video Classes

Digitizing Training for every level no matter what software you are using!
New to Digitizing, or just never got the help or Training? Learn from the Best!
Here, you will get what you need, learn the simplicity of the process and see that you too, can make it happen.

With Balboa’s Video Classes, you will find that learning is complete.  You will understand why you use a certain stitch, a certain underlay, and/or a certain density.  You will learn how to avoid Push-Pull and get beautifully running embroidery with no thread breaks!

Three Programs in All: Our Live One on One Classes. Our Complete Learning Package, and Now Our Balboa Bits!

A funny thing happened when I was on my way to Teach at an ISS Trade Show.
I was standing in line and heard Balboa being discussed…what I heard was…“Balboa, they really know their Sh..t, but when you need to find it in a video later, it takes too much time…”  From that, the Balboa Bits were born.  Three to seven-minute instructions on a particular technique.  Designed to give you that instant answer when you need it.  While this does not take the place of the thorough training you get in our 90-minute classes that are part of our Learning Package, the “Bits” will get you through in a crunch and help you meet your deadline.

Easily accessible MP4 videos that can be viewed from almost any device.  DVD and Flash Drives also available.

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