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I Want it ALL. Everything Balboa!


Want it ALL?  Everything Balboa?

Give Yourself a Present!  The present you deserve!  
Every Balboa Design…Including this year’s Update and Every New Design created in 2024!
Balboa’s Complete Learning Package which includes All of Balboa’s Featured Videos…Nine Timeless Award-winning Videos!  Permanent Online access to ALL of Balboa’s videos… More than 170 Now! One Year of  Monthly Webinars! One year of Your questions answered in real-time by phone or by email
Three 3-Hour Personal Classes with Lee that address your individual needs.
Plus…The Complete Learning Package on Flash Drive or DVD 2006 – 2023, Our 2023 Classes with Workbooks.

Start with the “Learn to Digitize Webinar Video and Workbook”.  Get an overview of the process of Digitizing.
Or start with the 2024 Webinars, twice a month.  Ask Questions. Review the recording.  Do the Homework!  Expand your knowledge of that Webinar’s techniques by watching Videos on the same topic.  Watch the Balboa Designs run and see the techniques at work.  Sandwich in your Private Classes( a 60-minute or 90-minute session) using a Design you are trying to digitize.  Apply Balboa’s techniques to your Designs and build your knowledge of Digitizing!

Only $500… Value?  Priceless!


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