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Bits…Editing a Stock Monogram

There is nothing more luxurious or beautiful than a monogram.  In fact, that little bit of luxury, a monogram on a man’s shirt cuff became… Read more


Bits…Create a Custom Motif for Rope

Add a beautiful three-dimensional rope to your designs the easy way.  No outlining for definition, Create a column stitch, add an underlay, make it a… Read more


Bits…Small Letter Problems

Nothing more frustrating or more important than creating beautiful embroidered letters. Learn 3 easy steps to take them from Bad to very very Good! Add… Read more


Bits…Running Stitch Letters

Small and Legible, Running stitch letters that will satisfy your needs! Add this video to your Cart, or add all of our Balboa Bits https://learntodigitize.net/shop/balboa-bits/… Read more


download embroidery designsIn 1987, Balboa introduced the BalboaStitch. In 1991, Balboa made history with the Elvis Presley Stamp by showing the world Blending and Shading. Innovation & excellence put Balboa in the Hall of Fame and is behind every Design.

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learn to digitize trainingLearn Balboa’s innovative Digitizing and Editing Secrets to make your Designs run well and look beautiful. Learn the basics. Then, Learn the Fine Points of Digitizing, How to Blend and Shade. Minimize Stitches and maximize effect. 

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In keeping with Balboa’s quest for excellence, Balboa sells and Supports Wilcom software. Whether you are purchasing your first digitizing package, or adding to your current Wilcom, Balboa will tailor your software to your needs.

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For the perfect thread for your Blends, we feature Madeira Thread. Click on the color from the Thread Chart for your Design, you will be taken to our Madeira order desk, add others, and pay one low price for Shipping and Handling

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