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Read and chat about various digitizing and editing techniques, embroidery trends, and the decorated apparel industry in general.  Gain an understanding of Digitizing that comes from sharing.

Featuring great tips and articles from Balboa Threadwork’s founder, Lee Caroselli, voted one of our Industry’s  most influential people five years in a row.

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learn to digitize training
Learn to digitize, at home or in your office, 24/7. With Balboa’s Tutorials, you will learn the basics, and form a strong foundation. Then, Learn the Fine Points of Digitizing, How to Blend and Shade for realism, minimize stitches and maximize effect!
Best of All you will Learn to Digitize with Confidence, Knowing what you see on the screen is what you will get when you stitch it out.

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In 1987, Balboa  introduced the concept of Stock Designs at their first ISS Seminar, and at the same show their line of Stock Embroidery Designs. Soon after, they made history again by showing the world that you can Blend and Shade.  Balboa’s quest for excellence & innovation is recognized with multiple awards, and is the heart of the designs they offer.

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In keeping with Balboa’s promise to offer only the best, we sell and support the Wilcom digitizing software. Whether you are purchasing your first  digitizing software package, upgrading from another vendor’s software, or adding to your current Wilcom, we will help you with the right package that is tailored to your individual needs.

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Digitizing Essentials…Where to Begin

Let’s start with the Essentials. It is essential to understand the basics. To understand the process. Learn how to take what you know the machine will do, and use it as your “Rule Book”. Work with the machine…NOT against it! Read more

NEW Webinar: Creating Rope and Chain

Use your basic stitches to create the illusion of a fully shaded link of chain or section of rope. Define each section or link without outlining it. It is so easy you will be looking for more ways to use it! Read more

E4 Digitizing and Editing

See new ways to accomplish Balboa’s Secrets on E4! Learn Techniques that will allow you to Digitize and Edit with Ease. Make your Digitizing fun and rewarding! Create designs that bring your customers back and make production a breeze! Read more

Schedule Your One-on-One Class Today

New One On One Personal Classes conducted on screen, using Your software on Your computer as well as Balboa’s. We will teach you techniques that will give you instant answers to problems you may have, and you will be practicing those techniques in real time, with real help! Read more

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Wilcom E4 is Here!

 E4 is Here!  Great Prices on Trade-Ins, Updates and Upgrades! Integrated with Corel X8, Wilcom E4 Designing contains all the features previously found in E3 … combined with New Updated features and NEW tools that allow you to Digitize your designs even more easily!  25 more Fonts, 6 are 3D!  Save… Read more

Recent Blog Posts

How to Work With Push-Pull Compensation

June 14, 2017

From Impressions Magazine June 25, 2013 How to Work With Push-Pull Compensation Digitize to work with your embroidery machine rather than using compensations or corrections that have been built into digitizing software programs. June 25, 2013 By Lee Caroselli-Barnes, Contributing Writer   There are two great mysteries that digitizers must… Read more

How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery

June 14, 2017

From Impressions Magazine, April 23, 2013 How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery Getting a realistic 3-D embroidered image requires understanding the physics of art, which is the basis of the interplay between color blending and shading. By Lee Caroselli-Barnes, Contributing Writer   Although the terms “blending” and “shading” often are… Read more