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Webinar Jan. 31st – New Year, New You, Mapping out our 2023 Digitizing Class Schedule


2023 Schedule of Webinars!  All NEW, All with WORKBOOKS!  We are expanding your learning compacity!  Watch the Live presentations twice a month! Complete your Exercises in your workbook, and come back to Class to share what you have done!  Ambitious, Yes!  But the results will tell the story!
Join us,  no matter what software, or what level.  We make Digitizing Easy!
Check out the quality of the designs you see at our Site.  Let us show you, step-by-step how to achieve the same Excellense in your Designs! To access all the Classes for the 2023 Year click on this link:https://learntodigitize.net/shop/complete-learning-package-prepaid/
If you are just beginning, you will see how easy it is to use your basic Running stitch, Column or Satin stitch and Fill or Tatami, ( our three Stitches ), to do anything that your customer brings you.  Master these three stitches and you will Master Digitising!
If you are an Experienced Digitizer. let us show you techniques that will polish off what you already know!  Perfect your Designs with less stitches, placed perfectly in your design, that prevent push-pull, thread breaks, and long hours on the machine, while giving your that “Perfect Design”



January 31st, New year, New Year, Mapping out our Class Schedule for 2023


A great new start to a great new year!  We will look at the list of Classes that we will have this year, but with something NEW!  Each class will have a “Workbook”!  A chance to review the Lesson and practice what you Learned!  We will take the lesson past the screen, give you exercises to do, and to stitch out.  Your “Homework” will solidify what you learned in class, and will show you the techniques by stitching out the designs.  See for yourself, improvise, add your own spin and come back to class to share!

One of our twice-monthly Webinars that will give you answers to editing your existing designs.  You will learn how to turn a
Join in and be part of it, or just plan to use the Video Recording of the Webinar to Learn and to Review.
Pay $100, for the Classes that interest you, or sign up for our Complete Learning Package at $150 and have the advantage of accessing any Webinar and its Workbook, at no extra charge!  Access more than 140 existing seventy-five dollar videos, and the recordings of another 22 Webinars on the 2023 Schedule for $150.  Update your existing Account for only $100 and receive permanent access to another 22 videos for a full year!




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