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How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery

From Impressions Magazine, April 23, 2013 How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery Getting a realistic 3-D embroidered image requires understanding the physics of art, which is the basis of the interplay between color blending and shading. By Lee Caroselli-Barnes, Contributing Writer   Although the terms “blending” and “shading” often are interchanged, there is a difference. …

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Wilcom E4 is Here!

 E4 is Here!  Great Prices on Trade-Ins, Updates and Upgrades! Integrated with Corel X8, Wilcom E4 Designing contains all the features previously found in E3 … combined with New Updated features and NEW tools that allow you to Digitize your designs even more easily!  25 more Fonts, 6 are 3D!  Save your customer information with your …

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