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Easy Embroidery Alignment

You can add interest by making the background fill an embossed version of the logo. Here, Wilcom’s Program Split was used with the logo to add texture to a plain background. Let’s say you just finished an embroidery job — a left-chest logo stitched on shirts and hats — and now the customer wants jackets. …

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How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery

From Impressions Magazine, April 23, 2013 How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery Getting a realistic 3-D embroidered image requires understanding the physics of art, which is the basis of the interplay between color blending and shading. By Lee Caroselli-Barnes, Contributing Writer   Although the terms “blending” and “shading” often are interchanged, there is a difference. …

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Wilcom E4 is Here!

Buying Wilcom? We sell it here! Why would you buy it from anyone but Balboa.  We use it, we train on it, we support it.  You will get everything Wilcom offers and You will get Balboa’s Exceptional Support and Training!          Updating? You will get all of the features, or Elements,  that you presently have, and you will get the really great …

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