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Custom Designs

Lee and Keith Caroselli have been the proud recipients of numerous International Grand Prizes.  The realism in their work is unsurpassed.  They are recognized world wide for their Excellence and Innovation in Embroidery and have been voted into the Embroidery Hall of Fame by their Peers.  The Elvis Presley Stamp, done by Lee, created as …

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How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery

From Impressions Magazine, April 23, 2013 How to Achieve Shading in Embroidery Getting a realistic 3-D embroidered image requires understanding the physics of art, which is the basis of the interplay between color blending and shading. By Lee Caroselli-Barnes, Contributing Writer   Although the terms “blending” and “shading” often are interchanged, there is a difference. …

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