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Balboa’s Learn to Digitize 3 Day Class in Palm Springs, CA

Great Classes this year…Sorry you missed them!  Check back to see what we are doing in 2018


LaQuinta CA,(Palm Springs Area)  15 students only…First Come First Served  Just $550,
Call 760-200-0508

Three full days of Classes where you will get a good Foundation for Digitizing and Editing, with answers to Small Lettering, Underlay and Push Pull and how to Blend and Shade!

From FUNDAMENTALS to the most intricate parts of Embroidery, Mastering Digitizing.
Addressing the fundamentals, gaining the foundation to solve any problem, without repeated stitchouts and to digitize with confidence!

Learn about PULL COMPENSATION, our Industry’s greatest mystery, and how to digitize so that there is no distortion and no need for compensation and… no need to worry.

Learn about UNDERLAY, Digitizing’s second biggest mystery. With no distortion and with appropriate underlay, you will be able to digitize designs that can go on any fabric…at ANY size, with no editing.

Learn the secrets of SMALL LETTERING and easy tricks to master it, and then 3D FOAM and its alternatives. Then BLENDING and SHADING, Balboa’s, contribution to the Embroidery Industry, that put Keith and Lee Caroselli in the Embroidery Hall of Fame.

Call us at 760-200-0508 to hold your seat


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