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One on One Personal Classes

New One on One Personal Classes

For $250, Classes will be conducted on screen, using Your software on Your computer, or You may create Your own Custom Event with Balboa, $1250 per day and expenses.

For a One on One Personal Live Class, the First 15 minutes are free while You discuss your goals, and demonstrate what you already know. Even if you are just beginning, it is a chance to ask the questions that will make it easy to excel. From there, we will expand on what you do know, and take it to the Next Level and Beyond!

The first hour is $250, and then $100 per hour after that.  Subscription Member? You get 20% OFF!
Every session is recorded, so you will have Your video to study.
We are taking reservations. Get your name on the Schedule for a truly unique course in Digitizing, one tailored just for you, with techniques that make Digitizing easy…and FUN!
Call 760 200 0508 to Calendar your event

This is what the students are saying.
“Got so much information! Totally exceeded any expectations. Had attended one of 3 day sessions in San Antonio a few years ago and learned so much. One on one gave me the opportunity to watch, listen and learn on a design that was of specific interest to me. Can’t wait to receive the recording of the lesson so I can review everything covered. Great! Great! Great!”
MLT, Temple Texas