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Save Money, Bundle your Balboa videos. With a Balboa Video Bundle, add constructive classes to your Library of Tutorials and save as much as $2000.
No matter how good your software is, training is needed.  Not just any training, training that is done by an experienced Digitizer who understands the frustrations and the rewards of this “Art”.
Balboa’s approach to training gives you an understanding of what the stitches are doing.  The techniques you will learn will work on any Digitizing Software.
You will learn to work with your embroidery machine, not against it.  You will learn to program designs so that what you see on your screen is what you get when you stitch it out.  You will learn to create anything in thread with confidence and ease!  Know the whys of this art and you will enjoy it.
A Balboa Video Bundle is your answer to a better running design, a better looking design, and a happier customer.

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