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It was the Custom Design, done for the Post Office and Graceland, of the Elvis Presley Stamp that brought Lee and Keith Caroselli and their Business Balboa Threadworks to the forefront of the Industry.  With six hours between trade shows, they had to show that the impossible could be done!  The “Stamp” sent to Japan to be digitized originally was deemed impossible when, after 22 months , the Japanese finally produced a digitized Jacket back which did not look like Elvis, did not look like the stamp, had 210,000 stitches and required 28 cones of thread to run.  In hopes of keeping the project alive, the art was sent to the Carosellis. The “Stamp” produced by the Carosellis featured blends of thread that created a realistic natural image of Elvis using only six cones of thread and requiring only 91,000 stitches made embroidery history and showed the world that colors could be blended on commercial embroidery machines.  It also showed the world that America was number One!
Their techniques are readily shared in their Videos and Classes, for this they have both been inducted into the Embroidery Hall of Fame.  It is this talent and innovation that makes their Custom Designs sought after the world over.

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