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Homework #2, The Role of the Column Stitch

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Homework for our Second Class of 2023


We hope you enjoyed the Webinar on Examining the role that the Column
Stitch plays in our Designs.

Our Home work is stitching out the exercises you saw demonstrated in our Class.  You will Not need to actually digitize most of these exercises.  However, you may need to change Lengths and Densities of the running stitch in one or more of these examples to see what happens.

The first Five images, BT-9101A, across the top are the construction of a Column or Satin stitch;  the first is a straight Column,
The second is a Steil and the third is a curved Column.  Notice the
Tighter area in the center of the curve.  This can be remedied by using the short stitch function.  Next is a column around the curved column.  See how the Underlay holds the two columns together.  Finally, the S shape, see how the stitches are forced together as you progress to the end of the object.  Try lightening the Density and moving the stop to the top of the S,  This will lesson the pressure of the stitches and give you a better product.

Next: is three versions of the lettering “The Good Life”. 9101B, 9101C, and 9101D,   Note the gloss in the long stitches, Note the change in the underlays for each size, also the densities.

Next:  BT-9101E, You will be stitching out a column stitch Palm Leaves.  This will start with a running stitch for support.  Notice the pathing going from one frond to the next, and where we change the stop to make the transition easier.  The column stitch here is set at an angle, giving more length to the individual stitches, therefore more sheen.
As each stitch finishes, it pulls against the running stitch at the top of the leaf.  This gives a little loft on that side of the leaf while stabilizing it and defining it.
For those of you who have the Motif function, try making this object a motif and placing it on top of the existing Palm Leaves from the main design.  Remember there is a difference in size, so size the object down, and lighten your density to about 50% before turning it into the motif.

Next BT-9101F, Is a transparent column on top of another column. See how the red shows through the gold.  As long as all stitches run the same direction they will blend.  You can try duplicating the gold if you like and creating your own combination.  Make sure your second color is light enough density to have the first color show through.

Next BT-9101 G,  Is the Complicated Window that combines the column stitch with the running stitch.  Try stitching it out with particular attention to the running order.  Next, if you have the Motif Feature, try using this as a custom Motif.

Finally, BT-9101H we have a part of the Cigar label. Here you will be putting down a fill or tatami with a column stitch on top.  The density of the column stitch causes the objects to pull in and stand up.  Second, in this exercise is the same image with no background fill.  Instead, it is using graduated underlays that pull in and cause the design to pouch up giving you a three-dimensional object.  Note how the lightly stitched edges of the object appear to be shaded.

I hope that running these Examples gives you the information needed for the decisions you, as a Digitizer, will make about using your Column Stitch to its fullest!

In our next Class we will be adding the Fill or Tatami to the Column or Satin Stitch and the Running Stitch.  We will be taking the three Groups of stitches even further than possible on their own!  See you then!

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Design Details

Width Height Stitches Colors Formats
13.5 9.5 28,065 13 EMB, DST, PES

Thread Charts

d-9101 Homework #2, The Role of the Column Stitch
1.A Orange11711971PF0523
2.A Blue Bird12971797
3.A Orange11711971PF0523
4.B Gold11711971PF0523
5.C Gold11711971PF0523
6.D Gold12971797
7.E Green Leaves10481648PF0013
8.F Red13781987
9.F Gold11711971PF0523
10.G White10031803PF0110
11.H Black1007PF0616
12.H Gold11711971PF0523
13.H Gold11711971PF0523


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