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Curved Fills

Create unique, flowing stitch patterns that add motion and dimension to any closed object.

  • Complex shadings and open fills add dimension, color and perspective to embroidered designs. Simple menu selections let you create a range of effects using complex combinations of stitch patterns, spacing, angles and more.

    Florentine Effects
    Effects lets you define a curved guideline of virtually any shape, and then automatically creates a fill stitch pattern that follows that curved line—all the while maintaining uniform density and needle penetration patterns. Apply the Florentine pattern to a single object or multiple objects with a single click. Use a subtle shallow curve to give a natural, organic feel to otherwise plain flat straight fills. Or use a bold curve for a more dramatic curved look.

    Liquid Effects 

    Applies two different curves to a single object, to create the effect of motion. Here, the stitches at the top of a shape follow a different curve than those at the bottom—and they meet in the middle. EmbroideryStudio automatically adjusts the stitching to ensure a beautiful and smooth transition between the two curves, preserving accurate densities and needle penetration patterns.Contour Effect
    Follows the shape of an object to create a curved, light-and-shadow effect, and a sense of movement. Select from either a contour with stitching that curves to the shape of the object, or one that runs in a spiral within a circular object. Control stitch length, variants, offsets and more.

Compatible Software:  E4 Designing

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