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Full Day Personal Training Class


One Full Day of Your own Personal Class

Brand new to digitizing?  We will get you started in learning how enjoyable Digitizing can be.  Then make sure you have the tools you need to progress.  Never got the help you needed?  or a Pro, with years of Experience? It’s time to spend time perfecting what you already know and add new techniques.  We will take time to see what you can do, and listen to what you want to do. Your class will be tailor-made for you. You will not spend valuable hours “learning” something you already know!
Have jpgs of your 2 best designs and the two stitch files available. We will look at your designs together, evaluate techniques and work on new ones.  Let’s expand the good things you are already doing, trash the bad, and add new techniques that propel you forward!
You will need  Digitizing software, and a day that you can schedule without the phone ringing.  Classes will be conducted on-screen, using Your software on Your computer.
You will get a digitizing class custom-made for you. Best of all, you will have your own recording of the Class available 24/7 and a copy on a thumb drive as a back-up!

Truly an amazing experience!

This is what they are saying: “Got so much information! Totally exceeded any expectations. Had attended one of 3 day sessions in San Antonio a few years ago and learned so much. One on one gave me the opportunity to watch, listen and learn on a design that was of specific interest to me. Can’t wait to receive the recording of the lesson so I can review everything covered. Great! Great! Great!”
MLT, Temple Texas


One Full Day of Your own Personal Class

Classes will be conducted on-screen, using Your software on Your computer as well as Balboa’s.
We will teach you techniques that will give you instant answers to problems you feel you have, and you will be practicing those techniques in real-time, with real help! AND…the session will be recorded so that you can refer back to your class often!
We will discuss your goals, and have you demonstrate what you already know.
A chance to ask the questions that will make it easy to excel at any level!. From there, we will expand on what you do know, and take it to the Next Level and Beyond!
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