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Homework #4, Lettering Stock and Custom BT-9104

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Homework for our Fourth Class of 2023


We hope you enjoyed the Webinar on Looking at the role that the Fill or Tatami
Stitch plays in our Designs.

Our Homework is stitching out the exercises you saw demonstrated in our Class. Watch them run to see how the different-sized lettering uses different underlays. Notice that the Edge run underlay is slightly indented from the Satin Stitch overlay. Notice too, that the second underlay goes past the edge of the edge run, but not past the edge of the Satin stitch overlay. Try to duplicate the lettering layouts that you have been given. Each group is scaled differently.
When you put the letters for “The Good Life” together, pay attention to the tail of the “h” in the word “The”, you will need to modify it slightly by shortening it and changing the angle of the tail so that it appears to lead to the crossbar in the “e”
Notice the difference between the Pull compensation and the Column width when you stitch out the large letter “G”s. The pull compensation sends the stitches past the edgerun underlay and then pulls in and pouches up. The second “G” is done with only the Column Width enlarged. Notice how the underlay moves with the stitches. Which one pouches up more?

These exercises will all be even more important when we have our next Class on Small Lettering.

Design Details

Width Height Stitches Colors Formats
6.5 6.5 17,987 4 EMB, DST, PES, CND, EXP

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d-9104 Homework #4, Lettering Stock and Custom BT-9104
d-9104 Homework #4, Lettering Stock and Custom BT-9104 - 6.50 in x 6.50 in (BT-9104)


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