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Homework #6 BT-9106 Copy

We hope you enjoyed the Webinar on Looking at the role that Pathing plays in our Designs.

Our Homework is stitching out parts of our Pheasant.  If you also want to stitch out the full Pheasant Design please do, and if you would like to use it on a garment you may.  This is one of my favorite designs.  It demonstrates several of our techniques shown in our Classes.

We have separated out the first and second Black objects in the design.  Watch the first one run.  See how the running stitch is used to travel to the part of the next object you will be stitching, in some cases creating a manual underlay for the objects.  See the thought that is behind getting to the start of that next object and placing stitches for following objects, as you go.  Notice how smoothly the design runs.  Notice the same technique used in the second layer of Black, the detail.  You saw the use of the running stitch on the bird’s breast and the way we traveled up with a running stitch then down with a column stitch.  Notice the same up-and-down action with our fills.  We end one fill and start the next in the same spot, coming down, then up, then down spreading out the stitches to create a “Blend”.  Blending Shading will be the subject for June, but pay attention to what is happening here, now.

These exercises will all be important when we have our next Class, Color Selection, and Traveling with Color.
You will find that the $15 charge has been removed when you download these designs access these Designs, Enjoy!

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