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Q and A , Prepping your Stock Designs for Christmas Production


Answers on Free Standing Lace, Answers on how to get perfectly placed Embroidery Designs on your collars and cuffs, and Answers to how to set up your fills so that they have no annoying Seams.
Three important techniques in one class.


December 1, 2020

Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers!

Take that beautiful design that all your customers want, and make it a dream to run.

We all have that Design or Designs that our customers choose for gifts. The design that looks good in the catalog, but is a bear to run.
You can’t say NO, but you can make sure that the design runs well, with no thread breaks and no frustration.
Learn easy fool proof remedies that will get you out of the shop and back to your family! Make the Holidays profitable and a pleasure! This is 90 minutes well spent!


Learn while you see your problems solved.
Live Question and Answer Session.  We will discuss the questions sent to us each week and
demonstrate the Answers.  Answers will be recorded and will be available 24/7 for review!

Weekly Event that will generate multiple cures for the problems we face.  Join in and be part of it, or just plan to use the Snippets later for review.
$25, or sign up for our Complete Learning Package  and have the advantage of accessing this Webinar and all of our other videos for a LOW yearly charge!




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