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Spiral Fills

Create unique, flowing stitch patterns that add motion and dimension to any closed object

  • Fills selected shapes with spiral running stitch which matches the outline of the shape
    • Adjustable start point for the spiral provides many variations
    • Convert to other stitch types including motif run* and sequin run** for amazing effectsSpiral fill creates a true spiral path stitching inside any closed object. Regular shapes like circle and rectangle give regular even spacing. Irregular shapes give very interesting 3 dimensional effects from varying stitch spacing.
    Shapes can be a mix of curves and straight segments.  Specify the desired stitch length and stitch spacing.
    Spiral fills automatically recalculate the stitching when you re-size or reshape the fill shape. Break Apart to a running stitch path and you can convert to other outline stitch types in a single click. Remarkable creative effects are possible.


Compatible Software:  E4 Designing

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