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Webinar – Q and A Session, June 2019

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Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers Live Question and Answer Session.  We will discuss the questions you have and demonstrate the Answers.  Answers will be recorded and will be available as Snippets for review! This is one way to actually see the answer you need. Monthly Event that will generate multiple cures for the problems we face.  Join in and be part of it, or just plan to use the Snippets for review. $75, or sign up for our Complete Learning Package for $150 and get access to this Session and ALL of Balboa's other video's and recording for the year! To Review, watch the recording 24/7!  Even if you can't attend, watch the recording  using any device at anytime!   This is a Must!


Webinar Recording-Balboa Bits-Q & A Session June 2019


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Question and Answer Session, June 4th, 2019 , 9:30 AM
Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers!

Each month we get questions from our Complete Learning Package subscribers.  Because most are time sensitive, they are answered first by email.  Then later that month we attempt to show you the fixes we found for these problems.  Quick fixes that will help you in your work as well.

Our first question in June was how to turn an existing Design into a 3D design.  We looked at two ways to accomplish this.  One with Foam and the Other way…with Underlays and no Foam

Next We looked at Scaling a design Up and Down and the different things that needed to be changed to keep the integrity and beauty of the Design

Finally, a question on training. Digitizing a watercolor design.  Here we took transparent light density fills and showed how the colors would melt into each other similar to watercolors.

These three Questions and Answers will also be available in our Balboa Bits as 3 to 10 minute quick steps to successful digitizing. Designed to give you instant answers when you are under the gun and need an answer NOW!




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