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3 Day Beginning Class

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Awesome Class!   Lots of Learning!!! Not Software specific, Techniques that work on any software.
Now available as a recording!
3 half days Online, interactive.  Learn, then practice. Watch the demonstration, then it is your turn! 
Beginning Class, Entry Level Instruction on making your software work for you.
Everything from Lettering, to scaling your designs to fit, to auto digitizing, to saving your designs, and the three basic stitches.  Master these three stitches and master digitizing.  A great beginning with top instruction!

Available on Purchase!

We will start with an overview on Digitizing itself and your role within your business. Next, we will scale designs up or down to fit your garments.
Then look at key editing techniques that will make that design run even better! Then we will add lettering.
We will examine the automatic tools and look at the pros and cons, and what may need to be edited.
Next, we will look at designs and see what can be done automatically and what would be easier and better to do with your manual digitizing tools.
Then…the heart of Digitizing,
Your three basic stitches….How to use them, Where to use them and When to use them.
Next we will put together a simple design using both manual and automatic stitches, save it, and get it set up to run on your machine.
This step by step process will help you make the most out of your new endeavor.
You will have time to practice between your half-day classes, ask questions, have guidance when we go back and forth to your computer with each new exercise, AND once you are confident, you may signup for our Intermediate Class!

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