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Wilcom Basics for E3 and E4


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Wilcom Basics and Beyond

Our Training and Guide to the E4 “Legacy” tools, the E3 tools that are the heart of Wilcom’s new E4 software.
If you did not Buy E3 through Balboa, you do not have this video, and you need it whether you have E4 or E3!

Every Tool in this massive program is demonstrated, you will know where they are and what they will do! Refer to the PDF version’s Index for specific tools, techniques, and information. You will be taken to the exact spot in the video to review exactly what you need.

If you are new to Wilcom, this video is the perfect place to begin your experience.

If you are a Wilcom veteran, it is a great one-stop place to find out about all the things that you have been missing.

No matter what version, or what level, you are guaranteed to be surprised at all Wilcom can do for you!


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