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$100.00 for 1 year and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Balboa Bits! Watch as your collection Grows! Normally $350 
$100 SALE while we are adding our first 50 Bits!
A funny thing happened when I was on my way to Teach my Seminar at an ISS Trade Show.
I was standing in line and heard Balboa being discussed…what I heard was…“Balboa, they really know their Sh**t, but when you need to find it in a video later, it takes too much time…”  From that, the Balboa Bits were born!

Announcing In-depth, but short 3 to 7-minute concise tips, techniques, and Secrets. 30 years of Balboa’s techniques and tips separated into short videos that will instantly solve your problems. Just click on the video you need, Watch, Apply, and you are ready for production!  Or if you prefer. read the transcript, a step-by-step written instruction!

While this does not take the place of the thorough training you get in our 90-minute classes that are part of our Learning Package, the “Bits” will get you through a crunch and help you meet your deadline.

Starting with 50 Videos, the First of the videos are available. As of November 15, 2023 we expect to have the first 50 videos Uploaded and available, our price will be $250 with a yearly Renewal of $75 each year which will include 25 to 50 new “Bits”. Your price for being one of the first, is $100, with $50 due each calendar year.  You may suspend your subscription when you feel you have enough “Bits”.  All Bits will be available for $10 each if, and when, you decide you want to pick and choose.

A great Collection when you need instant, concise help with Small Lettering, Running Stitch Lettering, How wide you can make a Column Stitch, How Narrow, How to Add extra Gloss to your Column Stitch, How to add a border without it pulling away, How to avoid puckering with your Large Letters, How to avoid push-pull in using your Fills, your Column stitches, even your Running Stitch, How to Blend, 3D texture, Stitch Saving Techniques, Moisture wicking garment techniques and more. Ultimately More than 100 different videos that will be there when needed.

Pay for them now and watch as each week new videos are added. Or pay for them as needed. See below for the listing of the videos that you will have access to in your Balboa Account!

Here’s a Teaser; Using Your Custom Motif to Create Rope or Chain. Double Click on the Arrow below.

WARNING:  This may make you want to Trade-in your software For Wilcom.
If you decide to through us at Balboa, you will not only get the best price, but your first year of the Bits will be included in your purchase.




Choose from:


Balboa Bits List
Applique; Setting up the frame out
Applique; setting up the tack-down stitches
Blending colors, simple techniques
Blending two colors using automatic features,
Changing color through thread angles
Column Stitch narrow letters with volume
Column Stitch, 3D through Foam Lettering
Column Stitch, 3D through Underlays Lettering,
Column Stitch, gloss through angling Lettering,
Column Stitch, How Narrow?
Column Stitch, how to achieve dramatic detail
Column Stitch, how to achieve subtle detail Lettering,
Column Stitch, How to avoid letters that wobble
Column Stitch, How to make a Rounded Lettering,
Column Stitch, How to make it Flat and Glossy Lettering,
Column Stitch, How to prevent holes
Column Stitch, How Wide?
Column Stitch, Normal width
Column Stitch, Outlines, how to make sure they line up
Column Stitch, textured through special Stitches
Column Stitch, to raise a Column Stitch
Column Stitch, to raise a Fill
Combining designs
Combining designs with Lettering
Creating a custom Motif for Chain stitch
Creating a custom Motif for Rope
Design, Running order
Editing a Stock Monogram
Editing Fonts
Editing poor custom designs
Editing Stock Designs
Editing Stock Mongrams
Fill Stitch, Adding Texture
Fill Stitch, construction to avoid Push-Pull
Fill Stitch, How narrow is too narrow
Fill Stitch, How to add dimension through underlays
Fill Stitch, How to create a glossy texture with no pull
Fill Stitch, How to create a matt texture without increasing stitches.
How to avoid Puckers when using a Column Stitch
How to prevent Puckering when using a Fill stitch
How to use color to save stitches
Lettering , using the normal Column stitch
Lettering Creating Custom Lettering through editing
Lettering, 3D using underlays
Lettering, Column Stitch, wide letters
Lettering, Fill Stitch Letters
Lettering, Running Stitch small letters
Moisture wicking Garments, preventing push pull in using a Column Stitch
Moisture wicking garments, preventing push pull in using a Fill Stitch
Moisture wicking garments, using large letters
Moisture wicking garments, using running stitches
Moisture wicking garments, using small letters
Outlining your letters with a column stitch
Running Stitch Underlay, what length should the stitch be?
Running Stitch, how to hide
Running Stitch, How to make it visible
Running Stitch, Long Stitch techniques
Running Stitch, Short Stitch
Small letters
Stitch Saving techniques using a Column Stitch
Stitch Saving Techniques using a light density Fill
Stitch Saving Techniques using a Running Stitch
Stitch Saving Techniques using your Appliques
Stitch Saving Techniques using your Fill or Tatami
Traveling from one object to another without showing the stitches
Underlays for Column Stitches
Underlays for Fill Stitches
Using an Applique design to create your team logos with half the stitches
Using outline functions to create perfect underlays
What to do when your Fill stitches seep outside the lines
What to do when your small letters disappear



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