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How to make a Bad Design Good



How to Make a Bad Design Good

2 hours of Training
Rating: Intermediate Level
Not Software Specific,
these are techniques that may be done on any digitizing Software.

How to Make a Bad Design Good

All of us have that one design that is a pain to run, but the customer is a good one, so you endure the thread breaks, the cardboard look and muddle through.  In this Webinar, we took one of our customer’s worst nightmares apart and made it a dream to run.

From the designs sent in, we picked one that shows the most common problems that we are dealing with,  took the design apart, and put it back together again. Then ran it again, on a regular and a moisture wicking garment. With 30% less stitches, the difference was amazing.  Watching this, you will learn how to make a problem design run well and look great!  So make some time in your busy schedule to watch this recording.  For a little bit of time, and a little bit of money, you will have the tools to save hours of frustration.

This is what the customer had to say. “Thanks Lee!   We’ve done a few items with the new improved version and it is running SO much better.  I’m going to enjoy seeing what you’ve done to this design to make the improvements.”  Marge C.


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