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Webinar Balboa Bits – Q& A for December 2018



Question and Answer Session, December, 2018
Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers!

Each month we get questions from our Complete Learning Package subscribers.  Because most are time sensitive, they are answered first by email.  Then later that month we attempt to show you the fixes we found for these problems.  Quick fixes that will help you in your work as well.

Our first question in December was about Blending and Shading.  How to pick the correct colors

Our next challenge was doing color separations for Blending and Shading

Next we looked at outlining our letters, both Automatically and Manually

Our next question was how to Set up a design for Moisture Wicking fabrics

Finally, How to set up a design for lettermen’s jackets

These 5 Questions and Answers will also be available in our Balboa Bits as 3 to 10 minute quick steps to successful digitizing. Designed to give you instant answers when you are under the gun and need an answer NOW!

Question and Answer Session, December 4, 9:30 AM
Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers!
$75, or sign up for our Complete Learning Package and have the advantage of accessing this Webinar no extra charge!





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