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Webinar March 8, 2022 Getting the most out of your Fill…Continued


We have looked at the Fill or Tatami, starting with the Basics. We have evaluated the Properties and the variations. Now we will look at the versatility of this group of stitches when we change the density, length and direction of the stitches. We will look at the running stitch on top of the fill, the column stitch on top, and beneath the fill and the fill on top of a fill. Learn to create exciting variations of this stitch that enhance your Designs!


Feb 22, 2022 – Examining the Fill. Remedies and Results

Examining the Fill or Tatami…Starting from the Basics. Approaching this group of stitches from the Basics, the properties of the stitches which make up your fill is an eyeopener. Join us for Remedies and Results! Definitely a must for those who want perfection in what they Digitize!

A Bi-Weekly Event that will generate multiple cures for the problems we face.  Join in and be part of it, or just plan to use the Videos to Learn and to Review.
Pay $75, or sign up for our Complete Learning Package at $150 and have the advantage of accessing this Webinar no extra charge!




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