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Bits…Editing a Stock Monogram

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There is nothing more beautiful or more luxurious than a monogram.


Bits…Editing a Stock Monogram


There is nothing more luxurious or beautiful than a monogram.  In fact, that little bit of luxury, a monogram on a man’s shirt cuff became a symbol of hope and self-worth during the Great Depression and, at a time of economic disaster, this little luxury kept our Industry alive.

Monograms are a natural for our smaller shops, they say that I am catering to you as an individual, and Monograms can be a lucrative addition to the corporate logos in our larger shops.  Because they are so personal, the price can be flexible and offset some of your other more competitive types of embroidery.

Also, because they are so personal your customer will want a selection of Monograms, in an array of colors, offered in a variety of sizes, and that customer will want to feel you are thinking about them, and only them. Make sure you have a selection that will cover everyone’s taste, and make sure you have the time needed to put the order together.

Some of the most beautiful Monograms in our industry are offered as “Stock Monograms” by companies that make them their specialty. One of these beauties offered by Embroidery Arts is featured in this video.

As these Monograms are used for different garments, linens, and even framed pieces, these stock monograms will need to be scaled from large to small, and they need to run like a dream when you finish.

To do this takes software that recognizes the original artist’s commands. If your software only allows stitch by stitch editing, then it is best to run the monogram at the size, or sizes, provided.

However, to satisfy your customer’s appetite for this luxury, you should know how to scale the monogram so that you preserve the artistry of the original piece. This video gives you  step by step instructions to do just that!

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