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Full Digitizing Class – Part 4 – Art To Stiches

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Full Digitizing Class with Templates


MASTER YOUR STITCHES FOR CORPORATE LOGOS…and LEARN TO BLEND AND SHADE! Seven-Hour Video… may be used with any software.


Concise and thorough overall digitizing class. Starts with two hours of Beginning  Digitizing, continues with 2 Hours of Intermediate, and concludes with One Hour of Advanced!
Follow along on screen with Balboa’s digitizers explaining each step, pause, and practice. Then come back for the next step!
Start at the beginning and build your Foundation, progress to Art 101.  Once you have learned the Art, you will learn to turn that Art into stitches. Recreate textures, and colors with your thread rather than paint. Finally, advance to Design Analysis where you will learn how to take your design apart, analyze it, and set it up for embroidery, using the tools that you now have learned!
The Full Digitizing Class is an excellent beginning to Digitizing.  It is done on older software that has no bells and whistles and will make sense to anyone from the Beginner to the Advanced Digitizer. It starts with 3 Hours on the Basics, then takes you through the “Art” you need to understand the process of turning a picture into stitches.  The final hour is Design Analysis.  This hour takes the tools you have learned and shows you, step by step, how to digitize the design.  It is a really great Start, and also great for those who have been digitizing by the “seat of their pants” and feel they need some formal training!






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