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Webinar Balboa Bits – Q& A for March 2019



Question and Answer Session, March 12th , 9:30 AM
Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers!

Each month we get questions from our Complete Learning Package subscribers.  Because most are time sensitive, they are answered first by email.  Then later that month we attempt to show you the fixes we found for these problems.  Quick fixes that will help you in your work as well.

Our first question in March was how to pin a garment to your backing effectively.  Pinning a collar or cuff, in place on your backing, allows you to place your monogram perfectly.  If you watch our video on the Running Stitch Part 2 we demonstrate a step by step way to create a guide for that placement

Next We looked at Full coverage Fills on performance garments.  How to do them effectively without distorting the fill.

Our next challenge was in changing stitch angles in Numbers and Letters to match previously embroidered garments brought in by your customers.

As a special treat we saw an Update of Wendy’s graphic Design.  This was a design that we explored in our February Q and A.  Wendy was able to take the information learned in February and translate it into happy customers and more business.

Our next question was how to make our designs Pop.  We looked first at contrast, then color, then later, Underlays to define the part of the design that needs that extra touch.

Finally, another question on contrast and blending.  With this one we looked at a puppy that was shades of gray.  Defined him through higher contrast so that you could see what you were digitizing,  Then through light layers of Fill, built the dimension needed for that definition.

These six Questions and Answers will also be available in our Balboa Bits as 3 to 10 minute quick steps to successful digitizing. Designed to give you instant answers when you are under the gun and need an answer NOW!




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