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Webinar: Getting a Good Start for 2021



Getting a Good Start for 2021

Not Software Specific, these are techniques that may be done on any digitizing Software.
Rating: Entry Level

A Road Map to learning to Digitize.  Learn what tools you will need to make your designs exceptional.  Learn how these tools will help you create the three basic groups of stitches, the Fill, the Column or Satin Stitch, and the Running Stitch.

Learn to deviate from the defaults in your software, the lengths, the densities, the direction of the stitches, and the underlays to make your digitizing easier, more effective…AND to create a better Design.

90 minutes.  At the end of this class, you will have a clear picture of the tools you will use to digitize effectively.  Next…Try “Start-Up 2020” for specifics on the three Basic Stitches, “Let’s Get Started” and our “Digitizing Essentials, Where to Begin” our ABC’s of Digitizing, to round out your Entry Level instruction!  Also, our videos on the Running Stitch, The Column or Satin Stitch and the Fill for in-depth Training on each of our three basic stitches.
This Video is just $75, Or purchase our Complete Learning Package and have access to this Webinar Recording and three years of our videos that will take you from Entry Level to Advanced at no extra Charge






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