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Learn How to Create The Satin Stitch


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Our Prettiest Stitch, the Satin Stitch
90 Minutes of instructionAM
Ever see  a logo with beautiful satin stitches and wonder how they did it?  We will show you how.
Learn how to make narrow columns that hold up, and wide columns that will wear well. Learn to make your Embroidery Glisten with color.   Learn how to make beautifully rounded letters, or flat wide letters.  Learn how to add texture to the column and then how to minimize that texture.   Learn to anticipate the push pull.  Learn how to create outlines that will never pull apart, and learn how effective you can be with these simple techniques.
Part of our Complete Learning Package…Just $75

Or Purchase our Complete Learning Package, and have access to this Webinar Recording at no extra charge.


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