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NEW WEBINAR Held August 6th 2019, SMALL Lettering, Rounding the end of a column, Re-Arrange parts of your Designs, Ways to reduce Stitch Count
$75  Question and Answer Session, August 6th 2019, 9:30 AM
Learn by Asking: Ask Questions, Get Answers!

Learn and understand Answers to Small Lettering. See why you need to widen your columns and lighten your densities.
See how to round the end of a column stitch easily.
Learn the easy way to re-arrange Designs for additional uses
AND…Ways to reduce the stitch count in your designs while enhancing your designs. Including the use of effective underlays and tare-away backing on top of your garment.
Purchase this video, watch review, and then come back with your questions!

Send in your Questions, we will show you the answers. Learn while you see your problems solved.
Live Question and Answer Session.  We will discuss the questions you have and demonstrate the Answers.  Answers will be recorded and will be available 24/7 for review!

This is one way to actually see the answer you need.
Monthly Event that will generate multiple cures for the problems we face.  Join in and be part of it, or just plan to use our Balboa Bits for review.
$75, or sign up for our Complete Learning Package and have the advantage of accessing this Webinar as part of your package!  https://learntodigitize.net/shop/complete-learning-package-prepaid/




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