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The Wilcom’s system is set up on a modular basis. Wilcom’s E4.5 Designing will give you more than most other Digitizing Systems promise with the Basic Program.  However, rather than charging you $5000 to take you to next level, you will be able to choose the features you would like to add and tailor-make your Digitizing system to your individual needs. You may choose 1 of these features or Elements to add to your E4.5 Designing System at no extra cost during this sale. The 13 eligible Elements are listed and described below.

Wilcom’s E4.5 Designing contains all of your basic software for both automatic and manual digitizing, and now includes Virtual Decoration, Vector Drawing, Bling ( Rhinestones), Auto Digitize Bitmaps, Auto Shaping and Freehand. These were features previously offered at an additional charge, but are now included in your purchase price.

E4.5 Designing is integrated with a complete Corel graphics suite, which allows you to move from a powerful graphics program to the powerful Digitizing program that Wilcom offers. With Smart designer, your E.4.5 allows you to access Corel functions without having to leave the Embroidery side of the software.

E4.5 Designing will do a great job on your corporate logos, both with the automatic process and the manual digitizing.  You will have 200 fonts, four of which are designed to be an eighth of an inch or less, and six that are for Puff Embroidery. Wilcom’s fonts have always been considered the best.  You will find that they may be used with no editing.

The automatic digitizing is simple and will give you the same results as the digitizer’s overseas produce.   You will scan a clean version of your customer’s logo into the Corel part of the Wilcom program, or in the Smart Designer, turn it into a vector image, then convert it to embroidery, and in less than 10 minutes you have the logo ready for embroidery.  You will tell the software what fabric you are using, and while it calibrates the stitches, it will give you the correct underlays, pull comp, and densities for that fabric.  Because of the integrations with Corel X8, (This is not a Plug-in), your “automatic” design will look good and stitch well.

However, all of the automatic stitching can be edited.  This means, that through editing the design, you may put your own signature on it. Add blends, layered fills, change stitch direction for effect, and lighten densities where needed. For many digitizers, using the Automatic features is a great start to an even greater design. The Auto features allow you to get the basics done perfectly, and then digitize the other parts manually.

You also may bring in your DST, CND, Exp, PES  and other design Formats, and modify them..  They will become completely flexible and you may change sizes, add new lettering for that new event, and edit the design to your heart’s content, even though it was not created in Wilcom’s “Mother” language!

E4.5 Designing, of course, has all the manual digitizing functions that you will need for your everyday work, and for your creative work, and it is user-friendly.  You will be able to create your stitches, the Running stitch, the Column or Satin stitch, and the Fill or Tatami, easily, and when you move a mark or node the stitches will follow.  So you will see immediately what you have created and/or what edits you have made.  You will also have complete control of the length of your stitches, the density of your stitches, your underlays, and the patterns created in your fills.  Together with a little training, you will be able to be as creative, and productive as you like.

E4.5 Design’s new features also include an internal database that allows you to catalog and retrieve your designs.  Ideal for keeping up with your customer’s needs, as well as ALL the great features of a full Corel 21 Suite. You may store customer information with the actual stitch file and retrieve that from year to year.

Also, with Wilcom’s ability to take your digitized design to a high res 3D version, you can place the design on one of the many vitual garments provided in the software or one you scan in, and make a “proof” of the design without stitching it out, and without using costly garments. A blessing when inventory is at a premium.

Wilcom has a full Support team at your disposal, however, you will also have Balboa and it’s expertise in Digitizing for a full year of Training at no extra cost. You also will have permanent access to our Complete Learning Package.  Initially, to get you acquainted with your new software tools, then teach techniques that will perfect your digitizing and editing and make it easy.  As you progress you will be able to send in questions to us at Balboa that will be immediately answered by Email, then featured in that month’s Question and Answer Session where we will demonstrate the step-by-step answer to your question on-screen .  These Sessions are recorded and you will be able to review the video recording of the Session as often as you like.

The cost for the Complete Learning Package is normally $150. Right now this will be included with your Wilcom Purchase.  You can learn more about it by going to https://learntodigitize.net/shop/complete-learning-package-prepaid/  If you have already purchased the package, you will receive a year’s extension.  For an additional charge, we will go online with your digitizing staff, see what their needs are, work with them on meeting their goals and show them techniques that we have developed that will help produce beautiful designs that run well, (no threadbreaks, no cardboard, no distortion.  From there they will have access to more than 110 videos that will address their immediate questions and needs.

Later…When, and if you feel you need additional help with your specific designs or design, you will be able to schedule your own personal class where You will again show us what you know now, and what you would like to know.  This is done on-screen using your computer as well as ours. We will show you techniques and tools and how to use it, then it will be your turn to show us, on your screen what you can do.

We would love to help you make this transition.  Please let us know of your interest.  Call or email us at lee@balboastitch.net, or 760-250-4198


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